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Gold and Silver Prices Jump on Interest Rate Spike

Daily Gold Price Chart

A spike higher in interest rates along with soft earnings reports from Walmart and Cisco Systems sent equity investors scurrying for the sidelines as the sell-off in stocks accelerated on Thursday. Minutes before the closing bell, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 227 point lower at 15,110.71 while the Nasdaq composite index dropped by nearly 1.8%.
While some traders shrugged off …

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All About US Mint American Eagle Gold Bullion Coins


Since 1986, the classic and well-recognized American Eagle gold coin has served as the only congressionally authorized way for collectors and investors to buy physical bullion produced by the U.S. Mint as an investment. With precious metals prices hovering near record levels, investing in bullion coins and bars is a great way to capture price appreciation while protecting your financial …

An Income Generating Strategy for Silver Investors


Using the ProShares Ultra Silver ETF (AGQ) to Generate Income
Most of us wouldn’t think of the commodity market as a place for generating income from our investments. In fact, many traders are accustomed to the direct opposite; having to pay interest on leveraged trading capital. While we may be content to look for attractive trades that can result in a …

Essential Guide to Silver Price Trends

Silver Bullion Coin

Silver Bullion Coin
The value of silver is impacted by a number of factors including supply, demand, and market sentiment. The spot price fluctuates daily as traders and investors adjust their holdings but the overall direction of the prevailing trend is still driven by supply and demand.
The standard measurement of value is stated and displayed in price per ounce. To be …

Ways to Invest in Gold for Income


Investing in Gold for Income with GGN
Traditionally, savvy investors consider precious metals a hedge against inflation or a way to preserve buying power during times of turbulence in the currency markets. Historically, this has led to a buy and hold strategy that depends solely on rising prices to realize profitability. With a little creativity, it is possible to invest in …

Gold Prices Near 7-Month Low as Selling Continues


Comex gold futures slid another $2.50 per ounce on Friday to $1576.10 after a week-long wave of strong selling pressure brought the metal all the way down from $1642 last Thursday. Today’s decline marked the third day in four that the metal slid lower.
The downward momentum increased sharply on Wednesday as rumors of hedge fund selling and a mass exodus …

Gold Prices Move Higher After Dipping Below $1,500


Precious metals rebounded today after a steep two day correction that saw prices move well below the 50-day moving average. While there is no denying the fact that gold has been one of the best performing investment vehicles over the past several years, there is reason to believe that the market may have further to decline before putting in a …

Why July 15th is an Important Date for Silver Traders


Perhaps you may have heard of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act signed into law in the United States on July 21st, 2010.
This legislation, born out of the 2009 financial crisis was promoted and presented to the public as a financial reform bill that would put an end to abusive financial services and tax payer funded bailouts …